Student Testimonials

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I completed the 120hr online TEFL course over a 5 week period. A lot of information was condensed into a short period of time and the homework assigned was challenging but made us use our newly learned lesson planning techniques. It was great getting feedback from fellow students as well as our instructor regularly to make sure we were all on the same page.

I would happily recommend this course to anyone who is prepared to work for this certificate.

Rebekah Jensen

Student - Dec '18

I thought the CultureRoute online TESOL was incredibly helpful. I have never had any teaching experience before and had made plans to move to South East Asia and teach English, the nearer it got it became rather daunting. When I started the TESOL with CultureRoute I became a lot less worried and started looking forward to my future again.

The course was packed with information that will help many going in to a career teaching English as a foreign language. Having the tutor review your assignments and give helpful advice with examples from their experiences was also a massive help!!

Just only a week after getting my results and passing the CultureRoute TESOL course I got a job teaching English online. All thanks to CultureRoute, I wouldn’t of had a clue what to do in the demo class if it wasn’t for taking this course!

Jonathan Chapelow

Student - April '19

It is a very helpful course that is presented very well by the instructors. They are very helpful and professional in the way they present the course and interact with the students.

I would definitely recommend doing the 120 hour TESOL course!

Rohan du Toit

Student - Nov '19

Like starting anything new, I was nervous to actually starting the TEFL course as I didn’t know what to expect! But right from the beginning, Jon and the rest of the team on the course were so supportive and helpful every step of the way.

What I loved most about this course is that not only do you learn from the course material but most importantly from interacting with each other on the course when providing feedback and suggestions! The assignments set out, enabled me to build an insightful understanding of TEFL, preparing me for the classroom environment.

Overall, I definitely left the course feeling confident and excited to teach in South Korea. Thank you! So, the last thing I can say is go for it!

Faheemah Miah

Student - Dec '19