Teach English in Myanmar

Having only opened its borders to travellers and foreign influence in the last six years, Myanmar is a beautiful and fascinating country, with a tumultuous history.

Job Placement Support and Assistance

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Make A Meaningful Contribution

Teach in public schools or teach adults in the fields of tourism and education. Either way, you will be contributing to the development of the country and the furthering of their global outlook.

History and Culture

Work at well-resourced schools with great resources and helpful staff. You’ll always have a Thai teacher present in your classroom. 


Low Living Expenses

Most people who visit Myanmar are overcome by the beautiful scenery, vast pagodas and rolling jungle landscapes. It’s important to also keep in mind the country’s political history and ongoing religious conflicts and to be sensitive and engaged as a visitor and as a teacher.

Unique Experiences

Local travel opportunities are abundant and diverse. There are beaches, lakes and mountains to explore and taking buses around the country will be relatively cheap.

Burmese Culture

Burmese Culture

Foreigners are few and far between in Myanmar, although there is a growing community of English teachers living there now.

Local people might stare and take photos of you, but they are also very welcoming – so try not to be too put off by the curiosity.

Living and Working in Myanmar

Living and Working in Myanmar

Learning to speak Burmese will be helpful, but you’ll also find that many people who do speak English which makes communicating and getting around quite manageable.

Apartments will be fitted with a simple burner and not an oven, so you might have to adapt your cooking style, but you can easily buy fresh fruit and vegetables at the street markets if you do prefer to cook at home.

If you’re interested in religion, you’ll find Myanmar a fascinating place. Engage with Buddhist monks, learn about the variety of religious practices in the country and visit the pagodas.




Food Variety

There’s quite a variety of food on offer – apart from traditional Burmese food, you’ll find variations of Chinese, Tibetan, Thai and Indian food, so there should be something for everyone.

Travel Opportunities

Local travel opportunities are abundant and diverse. There are beaches, lakes and mountains to explore and taking buses around the country will be relatively cheap.

Myanmar Travel Opportunities

Teaching English in Myanmar

The recent upsurge of tourism and business opportunities in Myanmar contributes to a buzzing local environment full of opportunities for adventurous, long-term visitors.

Your decision to work and teach in Myanmar will have an enormous impact on the lives of the people and the future of the country. 

In many local living accommodations, there will be limited internet access, and likely no air-conditioning. There is also few to no ATMs in most places. However, while the living conditions might be rustic, Myanmar is a very safe place to live and work with very little crime.


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