Teach English in South Korea

Teaching English in South Korea offers competitive salaries, an established network of schools with great resources and an enriching cultural environment in which you can learn and grow. No teaching experience is required and you will build indispensable skills as a teacher.

Job Placement Support and Assistance

CultureRoute will facilitate job placement options and provide all the information and support you need for your teaching experience abroad.


Excellent Orientation Programs

Orientation program on arrival to introduce you to other English teachers and get you settled,


High Salaries

Earn $1900-$2100 per month at a public or private school. You’ll receive an end-of-contract bonus!

Well-Resourced Schools

Teach in a well-resourced and fulfilling educational environment, in a big city or a small town.

Unique Experiences

If you choose a teaching placement a little off the beaten track, you’ll be getting a unique experience of the country.

South Korean Culture

South Korean Culture

You won’t be hugging or shaking hands when you greet people. In South Korea, take a bow!

About 70 percent of South Korea’s land area is mountain. Get outside and enjoy the thousands of hiking trails on offer.

You can safely cycle across the entire country – do the cycle route from Busan to Seoul and start planning your 2 wheeled adventure.

Living and Working in South Korea

Living and Working in South Korea

Placements are avaulable almost anywhere from large metros to small towns in either public or private schools).

Teachers get FREE furnished housing, FREE airfare, paid holidays and health insurance coverage.  Add an extra stack of cash to your pocket to use on things that matter most to you.

Learn the language! Tonal languages can be intimidating for English speakers, but the Korean (Hangul) alphabet is surprisingly easy to learn.

Start by recognising some written words and grow your confidence by taking classes and making friends with local people.


Unique Culinary Adventures

Taste an unusual array of seafood and meat dishes or, if you’re feeling less adventurous, opt for one of the many fried chicken and beer restaurants.

Travel Opportunities

Visit Jeju Island, the top South Korean holiday destination. Beautiful beaches, the volcanic mountain, Hallasan, and the equally explosive theme park, Loveland, are just some of the island’s attractions.

South Korea Food and Travel Opportunities

Teaching English in South Korea

Teaching English in South Korea is an excellent opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others, while experiencing the rich culture of the East.

South Koreans’ friendly and helpful attitudes allow you to feel like you’re part of the local community. 

Placements are available in: 



Kindergartens, primary (elementary and middle) schools, and high schools


In some cases on islands (Phuket and Koh Samui).

Teaching English in Thailand CultureRoute

Your first step towards Adventure

CultureRoute’s 120-hour Internationally Accredited online TESOL is the ideal first step to prepare you for your adventure in South Korea.