Teach English in Vietnam

Vietnam is a bustling, rapidly developing country with many opportunities to teach English.  Salaries are high and living costs are some of the lowest in Asia.

Job Placement Support and Assistance

CultureRoute will facilitate job placement options and provide all the information and support you need for your teaching experience abroad.


Flexible Contracts

Choose between a 1 semester contract or a 1 year contract with option to renew.


High Salaries

Earn $1200 – $1800 USD at a public school or a private language centre.

Beautiful National Parks

Visit as many of Vietnam’s 30 national parks as you can. Park entrance is not expensive and you can experience a variety of scenery, from the mountainous regions in the North to the islands and beaches in the South.

Unique Experiences

As a popular destination for both travellers and ESL teachers, you can meet people from all over the world.

Vietnam Culture

Vietnam Culture

From the delicious food to the the rich variety of crafts and cultural activities, Vietnam has a lot to explore.

Get yourself a bike! Vietnam is synonymous with motorbike culture and you’ll find it hard to get around cheaply and efficiently without one.

Living and Working in Vietnam

Living and Working in Vietnam

From the delicious food to the the rich variety of crafts and cultural activities, Vietnam has a lot to explore.

Almost all foreigners find the tonal language very confusing – there are 6 tones for the 29 letters of the alphabet which first language English speakers tend to find difficult to adapt to. Take lessons and try to at least greet and order food in Vietnamese.

If you are vegetarian, the meaty diet can pose a challenge – you’ll need to learn how to order food without meat in Vietnamese and also keep your wits about you at restaurants. Sausage, for example, is sometimes considered a vegetable.

Travelling around Vietnam is also effortless and relatively comfortable. Vietnam has a very popular and refreshingly sophisticated rail network with hundreds of trains running up and down the length of the country, shuttling locals and visitors alike to cities and towns all along the way.


Sing Karoake!

Singing karaoke is a popular pastime in Vietnam and a great way to spend time with local people despite the language barrier.


Furniture in Vietnam

Furniture in Vietnam, especially in the North, is small and can be hard to use if you’re tall – and even if you’re not. Once you get the hang of folding yourself into a tiny plastic chair, it’s actually quite fun!

Vietnam Transport and Travel Opportunities

Teaching English in Vietnam

Choosing to teach English in Vietnam will not only allow you to immerse yourself in a truly beautiful country but you will be given the opportunity to make a difference to the local community.

Providing the students you teach with a skill that will see them break through the barriers of poverty with endless employment opportunities available to those that can speak and understand the English language.

 Contracts and Placements available: 



Choose between 1 month and 12 renewable contracts


Placements available in Private language schools throughout Vietnam


Placements available in Public schools throughout Vietnam

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