Student Testimonials

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At the start of taking this course I was a bit nervous, not knowing what to expect. But once I had the opportunity to talk to the instructors and looked at the course outline I felt like I came to the right place. Everything was well structured, and I never felt like I had too much on my plate to complete.

I found the way in which feedback from the instructors were always constructive very helpful. Justin was furthermore punctual and professional with his interactions with the class.

Arno De Lima

Student - Dec '16

I thought the course was well spread out, giving us enough time to do each weeks assignment.

The lesson methodology and resources were a great aid in completing this course and will further help me in my future teaching experiences.

Craig Dennison

Student - Jan '17

I love the forum format and that you’ve got the opportunity to see what your peers are getting up to and coming up with in their lesson plans.

I like that you’ve always got until Sunday regardless of how many assignments the week has – it helped a lot as I work and study full time and it meant I could do my assignments when it best suited me as opposed to having multiple deadlines.

Carron Schneider

Student - Jul '16

I liked that we got to introduce ourselves as one of the assignments and how we got templates as a guide for each lesson plan. I also loved the Skype session – it was very helpful and I think it is so important to practice the practical side of teaching and not just the theory.

I liked the website and how easy and simple it was to use. I think majority of our assignments where clear and well explained. I also liked the fact that we did an assignment on classroom management because I think it is important knowledge for every teacher.

Jessica Geffen

Student - Apr '17